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Build custom LLM applications in under a minute


Meet AI Studio

Experience the future of application development with AI Studio. Seamlessly drag and drop AI modules to craft custom pipelines, effortlessly integrating LLM capabilities, and transform complex workflows into streamlined solutions, all within minutes.

Data Cleaning

Effortlessly refine your data with our robust data cleaning modules.

Drag and Drop UI

Craft workflows intuitively using our user-friendly drag and drop interface.

Interchangeable LLMs

Swap out Language Models effortlessly to suit your specific needs.

Seamless Data Integration

Integrate data from multiple sources seamlessly into your workflow.


Connect, Collaborate, and Learn!

Join our vibrant community of AI enthusiasts and experts to tap into a wealth of knowledge, share your insights, and grow with us as we explore the limitless possibilities of AI together. Be part of the conversation and witness the future of AI innovation!


Exploring Real-World Applications

Dive into our growing library of use cases to discover how AI Studio is already making an impact for our users. Whether you’re new to AI or a seasoned expert, anyone can build custom AI applications by dragging, dropping and, connecting modules.

Transform Your Data into a Dynamic Chat Bot!

Unlock the potential of AI Studio to construct a personal knowledge powerhouse, trained on your data. Seamlessly synchronize a range of materials – from books and articles to transcripts and models – using our Q&A bot, and watch as your personal chat-bot takes over the cognitive heavy lifting

Elevate LLMs with Real-Time Google Search Integration

Imagine if your Language Model had the ability to access real-time information and distill intricate current events into concise summaries. AI Studio empowers you to bridge the gap by connecting your Language Models to the Internet, broadening their understanding and enhancing their capacity to tackle complex real-world scenarios.


AI Studio Offers Something for Everyone!

Business Owners & Analysts
  • Swiftly optimize manual workflows
  • Construct virtual customer service representatives
  • Analyze competitor price structures
  • Uncover trends across customer surveys
  • Craft press releases and web copy
Data Scientists & SMEs
  • Streamline data cleaning chores
  • Utilize potent ML algorithms
  • Employ relational queries for complex data operations
  • Automate annotation tasks
  • Execute advanced predictive modeling
  • Craft code-free graphs and websites